Mama Kin: 10 Hard Rock Mother’s Day Anthems

by (@BHSmithNYC)

Mother’s Day has arrived. The one day husbands, daughters and sons (hopefully) bow down and say “Thanks Mom for all the hard work you do.” And what does a mother want for Mother’s Day? A spa day perhaps? A gourmet meal cooked by her loved ones? Jewels and clothing? How about just a day off? Well, how about 10 ass-kicking hard rock anthems with riffs a-plenty dedicated to mothers of all different shapes and stripes. Sometimes they’re touching, sometimes they’re complicated, sometimes they’re raunchy but they all rock and what kind of a mother doesn’t like to shake what their mama gave them to some hot rocking jams? OK, some of these songs are about mamas and not mothers, as in “Hey, hey, mama, said the way you move, gonna make you sweat, gonna make you groove” but hey, like it or not, if your momma wasn’t a hot mama in the first place she might not have been a mother at all.  Anyhow, Happy Mother’s Day everybody. And now? Now we rock!

Aerosmith “Mama Kin”
Even if you’re living like a gypsy, sleeping late and smoking tea it’s important to keep in touch with your Mama Kin as Aerosmith advises, especially on Mother’s Day.

Thin Lizzy “Philomena”
A moving tribute to Lizzy leader Phil Lynott’s mother for whom he was named.

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